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The word osteoporosis is a Greek term derived from “osteo” meaning “bone” and “porosis” [...]
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If the PCA is ordered, the nursing staff will provide additional information about how to use its button
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What are the key moving averages? The 50-day (pink), 100-day (blue), and 200-day (yellow) simple moving averages
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of up to $40 million annually from next year, the programs wouldtarget potential future stars straight
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"Break these wild horses, I have wasted my whole life / Cavities caving to numbness, I am never going to die," Cothran sings amid a swirl of shimmering synth textures and an icy drum-machine beat
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We identified ADR-related deaths (deaths where an ADR was ‘possible’, ‘probable’ or ‘certain’ using WHO-UMC criteria and where the ADR contributed to death)
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Shorty What’s Your Price (Owe Me Something)? Yet many do not call Jay Z to task on the messages he promotes because deep down many dudes want to be Jay Z
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President Obama signed into law—FDASIA, reauthorizing user fee programs for innovator drugs and